Re: [gnome-cy] Glossary etc

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003, Telsa Gwynne wrote:

> On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 08:40:35PM +0000 or thereabouts, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
> > Just a quick thanks to Alan for the Glossary, I need to spend more time 
> > checking it out but it looks good, 'Rhagorol...'.
> There are more changes now, after Gareth and Chris went through it
> at the weekend. It's 140kb, so I am tempted to post a gzip'd version
> to the list. Can everyone on the list handle that sort of attachment?
> Or there's a 16kb diff -u :) 
For those of us who have mislaid their copies of the glossary file? :o)
140k isn't a problem for me.  It's not likely to push me over my quota.
Being able to rack up 155Mbit sort of places quota above connection speed
on my list of worries :)

>   * Added:
>   Urgent condition: Amod erys
Surely you mean "frys"?

>   X-Align: Cyfuno echelin
Cyfuno echelin-X, os gofiwn :)

[Apologies to Telsa for my handwriting]

>   * Changed: 
>   Recursion: from dychweliad to ymddychweliad
Yay!  We invented a word!

>   * Stuff we decided to ask here.
>     - Discard: rhoi heibio, or gwaredu? 
As discussed today, "gwaredu" seems to be the word of choice for trashing

>     - Margins: ffiniau or ymylon? (actually, I decided that, because I
>       just found ymyl in termiadur today :)) 
Go Telsa! :)

>     - zero: dim or sero?
Sero tends to be the preference for mathematical purposes.  Even if it was
my fault for putting dim in the first place (Note to self: Translating at
9am is not good for me)

>     - GUI: RhGD, or leave untranslated? 
If I'd have spotted this one, I'd have suggested towing the line. Should
other languages translate it, then follow suit.  Should they leave it as
GUI, then leave it.

>     - picsfap for pixmap?
Bitmap went to didfap, so an analogous translation for "pixel" would be
your starter.

>     - If public key is allwedd gyhoeddus, is there something for private?

>   * Other notes:
>     - Someone queried "gwrthdaro" for "crash".
Gwrthdrawiad implies collision of the sort that physicists on ideal
frictionless planes keep talking about.  Regret to announce that "crasio"
was the weapon of choice at our school.

>     - One or two of these should not be seen by users anyway, and I
>       think some many have been removed for Gnome 2.x. Checking up on
>       that. The ones I think are no longer there are the stripchart
>       program and a stock ticker. Don't rush to translate those until
>       we know whether they're necessary! I cannot believe that 'actuator'
>       is -anywhere- in GNOME. Boggle.
Scratch monkey, for instance. ;)

>     - Bugger. I lost the pages covering L. Sorry!
I don't remember ever seeing those. :-/

Later ...

|/  Chris M. Jackson
C>  Be seeing you!

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