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On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 04:43:38PM +0000, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
>   * Added:
>   Encapsulated Postscript: Ffeil EPS.
>   Group: grw^p
>   Metafile: metaffeil.
>   Number convertor: Cyfnewidydd rhifau
>   Obsolete: Wedi goroesi.

Interesting. Isn't that "surviving"? I think that could make sense.

>   Resize: newid maint.
>   Standby: ar alw.
>   sub-shell support: medru is-$SHELL (ie, whatever 'shell' turns out to be!)
>   substring: islinyn
>   Suffix: olddodiad


>   TERM variable: newidyn TERM
>   Thumbnails: lliniau bach

"Lluniau bach"?

>   Tile: teilio
>   Time stamp: stamp amser
>   Uninstall: dileu
>   Urgent condition: Amod erys
>   X-Align: Cyfuno echelin
>   Zigzagline: Llinell igam ogam


>   * Changed: 
>   Backup: from copi cadw to copi wrth gefn.
>   Base: from bas to bo^n (suggestion of bonyn, too)
>   Dialogue box: from blwch dialog to blwch deialog. 
>   Dialout device: from dyfaid to dyfais.
>   Division by zero: from rhannu gyda dim to rhannu gyda zero.

"Gyda sero"?

>   Echo: from eco to atseinio.
>   Eject: from gwrthod to bwrw allan.
>   E-mail: it got a capital E.

I'm assuming it's "E-Bost" and not "Ebost".

>   Inactive window: from ffenstr anweithredol to ffenest anweithredol
>   Margins: ffiniau (but see below)
>   Recursion: from dychweliad to ymddychweliad

>   * Left empty still:
>   Actuator		  Antialiasing		  Argument (command-line sort)
>   Dithering               Killer app              line arguments 
>   Orthflow                Pager                   Picker Settings
>   Pixmap                  Ployline                Pooled Varianc
>   Private key             Propagation             protected workbooks 
>   Public key              Quoting                 Radar map
>   Reboot                  Receptivity             Resident
>   Restart (reboot)        Retry                   Scalable
>   search string           Selection               Slashed cross
>   Snap                    Spam                    Special character
>   Startup                 startup files           Startup Program
>   Stock Ticker            Strikethrough           stripchart program
>   Ticker Properties       Type mismatch           User defined
>   Valid chars             Viewport

"Quote" -> "Dyfynnu"?
I translated "User defined" as "diffiniwyd gan y defnyddiwr" or similar.
While it probably does get the meaning across...

>   * Stuff we decided to ask here.
>     - Pecyn is used to translate package, packet and application. 
>       The same word is used for both package and packet in at least 
>       one other locale (.fr); but would rhaglen be better for application?

I like "pecyn" better than "cymwhysiad", but rather than ambiguating it
(since it is used for "packet" already, and I like that too) I would
prefer that we just use "rhaglen" instead.

>     - Discard: rhoi heibio, or gwaredu? 
>     - Dismiss: gwrthod or gollwng?

"Gwrthod" is "resist" or "refuse". "Gollwng" is "drop". "Gwrthod" seems
more appropriate for blychau deialog.

>     - Obsolete: Wedi goroesi or anarferedig?

Hmm. I've been using "anarferedig".

>     - Submit: awgrymu or danfon?

"Awgrymu" is "suggest", which probably doesn't fit. The dictionary says
"argymell" ("reccommend") which I'm not sure about either. Of course, if
we start usign either of those, they'll probably grow the right

>     - zero: dim or sero?

Usually "sero".

>     - applet: is there a nice diminutive in Welsh, so it could be a
>       little app? One of the suggestions was to translate it as
>       'accessories', but the applets are divided into categories,
>       one of which is accessories already, so that's going to confuse. 

"Rhaglennig" has been used, which, while it seemed a bit strange at
first, I think is a good fit.

>     - ail-fwtio for restart/reboot? 

Um. We probably need a term other than "cychwyn" which is used
specificaly for starting your computer, i.e. like "boot".

>     - ail-geisio for retry?


>     - How to translate viewport. It and virtual desktop (and workspace,
>       sigh) all have very specific meanings, and the difference can
>       be important.

"Porth golwg", "Golwgborth"?


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