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medda Dewi Jones:

> Rhoslyn and I had an article in Golwg last year about Gwe-lywiwr
> Mozilla 1.0, but unfortunately most of  the 'techie' facts had been
> written up incorrectly. 

Golwg are notorious for rewriting articles in a house style, which
seems to be "dumb'n'lite" - they don't seem to care much what facts
get mangled in the process. A friend of mine wrote an article for
them a couple of weeks ago, and was promised that it would be
printed verbatim (or at least that she would see any changes).
She was very upset at the final piece, which apparently bore little
relation to what she wrote.

A point I'd like to make is that I *wouldn't* expect a large
proportion of Golwg readers to install a coverdisk, but those
people who *would* like the disk can go get it free with Golwg -
thus solving a distribution problem. Mailing the disk to 'decision
makers' ain't going to cut it either - I get dozens of CDs a
month offering me to try something out, they go straight to the
bin. I'm fairly certain that you'd get a better hit rate amongst
the people you're trying to reach through something like Golwg -
you're not trying to reach the techies, you're trying to reach
people who'll *ask* the techies about it.

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