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On Dydd Llun 18 Awst 2003 10:36 yb, Telsa Gwynne wrote:
> In addition, almost exactly a year ago, a friend mailed me an ITWales
> story about "Windows2000 and Welsh". The original URL has gone away
> now but -- aha, some quick googling later -- this looks like the article.
> It's in two places:

Aha!  Interesting.  I think some rewording of the press-release in is order 
then.  These reports seem to date from May 2002, so I wonder what the 
situation is now.  If anyone on the list knows, or is at Aber and can contact 
Dr Eastwood to find out, can they let me know?  Failing that, I'll contact 
him myself.  The key points, I suppose, are what percentage of the OS is 
translated, what (if any) apps are also translated, what the current state of 
the effort is, how difficult it is to keep up with changes, how difficult it 
is to install, and does it cost anything.  (And also if he has as much 
difficulty getting the message across to supposedly Welsh-friendly media as 
we do!)


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