Re: [gnome-cy] A body

On Dydd Sadwrn 16 Awst 2003 10:59 yp, Alan Cox wrote:
> And most vendors don't supply Windows in Welsh. A few of the smarter
> ones have it on their list of "things the customer can ask for but we
> never prompt about".  Maybe its time for the militant end of the Welsh
> language lobby to start asking vendors pointed questions 8)

Wait a minute - so there actually IS a version of Windows in Welsh?  I knew 
one was being worked on about 4 years ago, but I wasn't aware that it had 
come to fruition.  If it has, we can't say that the Linux desktop is the 
first ever Welsh desktop.  I don't want to be accused of misrepresentation 
:-)  Any further info would be welcome.

Best wishes


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