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On Sat, Aug 16, 2003 at 08:35:13AM +0100 or thereabouts, David Chan wrote:
> Smae!
> [see below for English]

Fingers crossed.

> Baswn i'n falch iawn o weld Knoppix Cymraeg, a dwi'n meddwl gallai Golwg
> fod yn ffordd dda i gysylltu a+ phobl.  Ond dwi'n amau fasai llawer o
> bobl ddim yn defnyddio CD clawr o gwbl.  Yn yr Eisteddfod, roedd hi'n

Cytuno. "Sut dw i'n defnyddio hon? Beth dw i'n gwneud nawr?"

> syndod i mi pa mor annhechnegol oedd y rhan helaeth o bobl nes i siarad
> a+ nhw.  Doedd fawr ohonyn nhw hyd yn oed yn gwybod bod nhw'n defnyddio
> Microsoft Office, er eu bod nhw, bob dydd.  Daeth hi'n amlwg fasai pobl

Bah, it's no good, I can't say what I want. See below for the rest.

> I'd be very glad to see Knoppix Cymraeg and I think Golwg could be a
> good way of getting through to people.  But I reckon lots of people
> wouldn't use a cover CD at all.  I was surprised in the Eisteddfod by
> how non-technical most people were that I spoke to.  Lots of them didn't
> know they were using Microsoft Office every day.  It became clear to me

I think this is quite normal. Most people regard the computer as
a tool for getting stuff done, and having programs on it which are
a means to that end. The actual name and nature of the programs 
are stuff they're not generally interested in.

I have had conversations along the lines of "My computer's broken."
"What's it running?" "Well, um. Word?" regularly. 

> But then again, I don't have much experience of marketing, so people may
> disagree :-)

I don't have much either. Not of formal marketing. But I think you're
right. And some people would say "aim even higher: aim at the policy
level. One or two people make no difference, but a company decision
will change things". I'm not sure how much I agree with that, but
I meet it a lot.


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