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On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 10:37:01AM +0100 or thereabouts, Dewi Jones wrote:
> I doubt very much Microsoft will bring out a Welsh version of Windows XP.
> Something clicked with me yesterday whilst playing with a new Red Hat 
> installation that brought home to me how much more developed Linux 
> is in it's support of L10N/I18N. At the login screen you can choose
> which language you want for your Gnome/KDE session. In XP you're 
> stuck with English (or Finnish as is the case on my girlfriend's 
> laptop) That's why Microsoft couldn't make a Welsh XP - it'd be Welsh only. 
> Linux has one hell of a lead here

See, this is something I never realised. It seems completely normal
to me, coming from a non-Windows background, that I should be able 
to just run an app in a different language without restarting everything,
or to decide that today my desktop will be in Welsh, or French, or
whatever. And that I can set a system language. And that different
users on the machine can decide they will run in a different language.

But people running Windows won't know this? This is definitely 
something to play up, then.

> Plus Welsh OpenOffice also gives a further edge to Linux. 

Very much. Especially if it has the fonts and an easy way of
producing things like ŷ. I noticed that quite a few documents
on the net resort to "y^". Presumably the way to produce these
letters is not very obvious.


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