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> On the Monday, David and Rhoslyn managed to show our Welsh software to
> Peter Hain and some other high profile people.(somebody high up at Y
> Lolfa(?))

Robat Gruffudd? (you don't get any higher in Lolfa!). I doubt Y Lolfa
are in the dark about Welsh language software and your efforts,
or if they are it won't be for long - Einion, Robat's son, is
sat at the desk next to mine and is currently running Mandrake,
in as much Welsh as got into the last release.

Has anybody spoken to Andrew Davies, the assembly's Minister
for Economic Development (and ICT strategy coordinator)? He's shown
interest in the past in FLOSS, from an economic POV - it keeps
skills/money etc. in a local economy. He's somebody who should be
made aware of the translating work being done at the moment, and
of the reality (pretty soon!) of an all-welsh desktop & full app
suites. I've met him a couple of times through work, and I'm sure
that, unless somebody else has a better in, I could arrange for
him to view a demo sometime.

Illtud Daniel                                 illtud daniel llgc org uk
Uwch Ddadansoddwr Systemau                       Senior Systems Analyst
Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru                  National Library of Wales
Yn siarad drosof fy hun, nid LlGC   -  Speaking personally, not for NLW

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