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On Iau, 2003-08-14 at 22:50, Kevin Donnelly wrote:

> I think it is impossible to do something like this on the scale we need 
> without getting some external funding.  Do we therefore need to consider an 
> application to one of Lottery bodies, a grant-making trust, or somewhere else 
> to get this?  In turn, to do this, don't we need some sort of charitable 
> trust to be the vehicle for the application and the use of any funds we do 
> get?

To get money from the Lottery, we don't need to be a charitable body, we
only need to be using the money for charitable purposes. Things have
changed a little since I last applied for lottery funding - there seem
to be far more bodies now, but the most promising seems to be Awards for
All Wales, who give grants of
between £500 and £5000. They even say that they'll give an answer pretty
quickly (far better than the 4-6 months they were stating last time!)


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