Re: [gnome-cy] Wha'ppen?

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Telsa Gwynne wrote:

> Well, I was there and I understood entire sentences at a time, but
> for something more accurate you'll have to get the details from the
> rest :) 

I was impressed at how Telsa and Alan managed to go for most of the time
we were there speaking Welsh almost exclusively.  Well done :)

They were thinking of infiltrating the Urdd event next year (which, by
pattern, should be in that part of the world), and taking some actual
distributions which we hope will be released - I've just gone back to
doing more of the RedHatisms - to the National at Tredegar Park next
summer (thanks to Gareth for the heads-up).  That gives us a year to plan
our "leaving the planning to the last minute" :)

> > Dafydd et al have obviously been busy, since Gnome is now at 34% done. 

It'd be fair to say that Daf's probably done more of this than much of the
rest of us.  (Great, I'm broke, and that's yet *another* person I need to
buy a drink for ...)

> Of the lot (seriously, "the lot" is gigantic, and I really question
> the necessity of some of 'extras' :)), and we reached 80% of 
> essentials yesterday. Woo. Bryn is ploughing through Nautilus. 

Now, we need a translation for "fully supported" :)

> > Since  it is now at 83% on the essential files, and KDE is at 
> > 100% on its essentials (it only took them three weeks to fix the 
> > hard drive ...), we can presumably say that Welsh will definitely 
> > be in the box on the new releases.  
> Definitely. See this thread, which made me happy. 


> Anyone know Powys people? Did I see someone from there at the 
> Canolfan Bedwyr thing? 

I don't, but you most definitely did.  I remember the discussion about
language switching, etc.

The next question is, where do we celebrate? :)

|/  Chris M. Jackson
C>  Be seeing you!

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