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Hi all,

Kevin Donnelly wrote:

[re Cy-noppix & funding]

The Knoppix idea is an obvious way to get the software out to
people, but I'm wondering - have you considered approaching
Golwg (welsh 'lite' weekly magazine, circulation ~12,000 - or
that might be readership. See and getting them
to distribute the disk? I'm unsure as to the costs of pressing
12k CDs, but I'm sure that getting Golwg to do the circulation
would work, and possibly sponsorship/funding could be found for
the pressing costs.

I'm sure something like 'wedi 7' or any of the programmes on
digital S4C would jump at the chance of doing a feature (they
tend to be rather desperate for items).

Illtud Daniel                                 illtud daniel llgc org uk
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Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru                  National Library of Wales
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