Re: Learning about BonoboControls/NautilusViews

Hi Michael,

Am Mit, 2003-04-23 um 10.12 schrieb Michael Meeks:
> > >  we really need some documentation on all the different
> > > .server extensions/properties that have been added in a rather ad-hoc
> > > fashion.
> > 
> > Maybe we can hijack a corner of the GNOME wiki
> > ( and start collecting information about
> > this stuff there. Later we can make some DocBook files for libbonoboui's
> > api doc.
> 	I'm skeptical of newfangled technology, and it's ongoing maintenance -
> pwrt. Wikis.

The wiki server is already there and somebody maintains it. That leaves
maintenance of the content to us.

>  It'd be better IMHO to knock up a document in libbonobo/doc
> that describes the known tags, and gives a nice example for people to
> cut and paste I think.

I thought that in the wiki it's much easier/quicker to correct or
comment on what's `knocked up' than with DocBook in CVS plus comments
over email. (Of course, the textareas of today's browsers lose when
compared to emacs)

> 	Interested ? :-)

Now that I started digging for the tags in nautilus, I should probably
make a brain dump.


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