Re: Learning about BonoboControls/NautilusViews

Hi Steven,

On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 20:38, M wrote:
> * About BonoboPersistFile: the GObject is deprecated
> but the Interface itself not. If you want an application
> to implement the interface you have to create your own
> GObject instead of using/inheriting from BonoboPersistFile?
> Is that Correct? (do I have to compile the idl file then?)

	Right; it is correct to inherit from BonoboPersist, the best thing to
do is to cut and paste bonobo-persist-file.[ch], rename it sensibly, and
bin the callback emission stuff - simply implementing the methods

> btw: But why are so many new applications using
> BonoboPersistFile (like Eog-Collection ??)

	No idea; Jens ?

> * If you want a BonoboControl to be able to show up in
> Nautilus it has to implement besides Bonobo::Unknown
> and Bonobo::Control also Bonobo::PersistFile? (and the
> server file must have the view-as etc elements). Is
> that correct? At least a saw Eog-Collection doing it
> that way...

	I believe so; we really need some documentation on all the different
.server extensions/properties that have been added in a rather ad-hoc

> I also know that if your .server file says it implements
> Nautilus/View it shows up. Btw: if you really create
> an an object inherited from NautilusView, for wich reasons
> I should do that? 

	There are some reasons; but they're typically not very good ones so -
IIWY I'd stick with a plain control for now.

> * ...and is there a way to tell nautilus not
> to activate your control (NO Bonobo_Control_activate) ?

	Why do you not want to be activated ?

> * As an exercise a made simple BonoboControl implementing
> BonoboZoomable and simple container for it. I also made
> a NautilusView that wraps the BonoboControl using
> 'nautilus_view_construct_from_bonobo_control'. I made the
> server file that way that it could show up as a view or
> as an property page tab. But when I go back to another view
> , my little sample control keeps haning around in the 
> memory for a while, and during that period i cannot activate
> the view again? Any ideas why?

	Sounds very odd; what is the control doing ? you're not doing a
sleep(5) somewhere ;-) then again, perhaps the nautilus adaptor is
causing grief; although it shouldn't. Try re-building ORBit2 with
--enable-debug=yes; from clean; and doing export ORBIT2_DEBUG=traces,
and running your component from the console - you should see lots of
output on what is happening - see if that helps locate the slow piece,
or use gdb.

> Ok, this for a starter. Please bare with me :-) I probably
> have a lot more questions.

	It's great to ask questions; keep going.



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