Re: using a factory to control instances

Hi Jacob,

On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 15:29, Jacob Perkins wrote:
> I originally wanted a control widget(s) where one instance could be
> embedded multiple places, but after some experiments using BonoboWidget,
> it seems that will not work (and even if it did, I don't think I really
> want that now).

	;-) I suspected as much; the problem is without a model/view widget set
that's a really hard problem.

> What I do still want is basically a singleton object (context) that can
> be shared between processes, and in only a select few instances will a
> new instance of the object be required. But I guess using a static
> object to control the instances is the way to go here.

	Yep - that's certainly one way that'll work.

> The specific reason is for seahorse: if keys are imported from nautilus,
> I want them to be automatically listed in the key-manager (if it is
> running).

	Sounds good to me,



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