Re: Learning about BonoboControls/NautilusViews

Am Die, 2003-04-22 um 11.44 schrieb Michael Meeks:
> > * If you want a BonoboControl to be able to show up in
> > Nautilus it has to implement besides Bonobo::Unknown
> > and Bonobo::Control also Bonobo::PersistFile? (and the
> > server file must have the view-as etc elements). Is
> > that correct? At least a saw Eog-Collection doing it
> > that way...
> 	I believe so;

In make_bonobo_activation_query_with_known_mime_type from

it says (among other checks):

/* Check if the component has the interfaces we need.
 * We can work with either a Nautilus View, or
 * with a Bonobo Control or Embeddable that supports
 * one of the three persistence interfaces:
 * PersistStream, ProgressiveDataSink, or
 * PersistFile.

(Followed by the same conditions written in OAF query language; or is it
bonobo-activation query language?)

So yes, implement Bonobo::Control plus PersistStream or PersistFile or
Nautilus::View. Bonobo::Embeddable and ::ProgessiveDataSink are dead,
aren't they?

>  we really need some documentation on all the different
> .server extensions/properties that have been added in a rather ad-hoc
> fashion.

Maybe we can hijack a corner of the GNOME wiki
( and start collecting information about
this stuff there. Later we can make some DocBook files for libbonoboui's
api doc.


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