Re: New GNOME2 bug submission page- still needs a lot of love :)

On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 09:21:52AM -0400, Luis Villa wrote:
> > > Eck. I will not use popups, period. But I'll happily take other
> > > suggestions :)
> > 
> > Well, IMHO they're only evil when they're unexpected (Buy Me Now!) or
> > unnoticed.  I would have suggested putting the supplementary information
> > (which is basically online help for your web app, and you wouldn't
> > complain about having online help for any other app in a popup) in a
> > frame or something, but frames are a lot more evil :)
> This is still clearly in the unexpected category, and we /do/ have back
> and forward buttons in browsers for a reason.

Getting dangerously off-topic, so this will be my only post on this, but
the web accessibility guidelines also agree with Louis. Not using popups
is a "priority 2" item from

(which means you "should" do it, if possible).

Plus, popups won't behave as Calum wants them since a lot of us (e.g.
me) have our browsers set to place popups in tabs where we can safely
ignore them (a very useful Galeon option). The position of the popup is
not something you can expect to reliably control from the Javascript,

Luis: keep fighting the good fight on this one. :)


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