New GNOME2 bug submission page- still needs a lot of love :)


This is where we want to be pointing newbies at to file bugzilla bugs.
It needs a lot of love, but I'm ready to give it some love for the next
few days.

What I need/want/earnestly, fervently, even torridly desire:

*web guys: the HTML tables are pretty broken so the layout looks like
crap in some places; any loving suggestions you have on will be

*jfleck: release notes, please :) 

*bug people: any usability/layout/quality suggestions, go for it :) I'm
also looking at extending the page so that it'll default to 'show only
GNOME2 components, but if requested, show all libraries, or all
everything, or just GNOME1.4 stuff.' Sound good to you?

I've cc'd fcrozat because he kicked me in the ass this morning and made
me fix it :) So any thanks should be directed towards France, not
Boston. :)

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