Re: Ang: AT for LD

>> cdh: I agree entirely. THe idea I had was to start an entirely new
>> project but use parts of Orca where such would be convenient.
> Joanie: Is there a danger of depending on Orca for this support? I fear there
> be. Perhaps the thing to do instead is identify the needs which are in
> common, and develop a separate library or tool which Orca and this new
> LD tool under consideration could each use (should they see fit to do
> so).

cdh: I'm just tossing this idea around now. I have discussed it with some friends but how the engineering would work is way off in the future.

cdh: My idea is to provide an interface like KESI has in K3000 but instead of doing everything in one unified ghetto app, add the augmentations on the screen with information derived from AT-SPI. 

cdh: This will need to be a highly graphical piece of software so I'm not likely the right person for the gig but I've studied the problem and have a bunch of ideas for people with print impairments in the workplace.


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