Re: Ang: AT for LD

> joanie: Having said that.... Orca is a screen reader; Orca is not a tool
> designed for users who are not visually impaired. Trying to make Orca
> into a one-size-fits-all tool will inevitably turn it into a tool whose
> functionality is either too complex or too diluted, meeting no one's
> needs. :( Thus Orca will continue to focus on providing the best support
> possible to users who are blind or have a significant visual impairment.
> Someone(s) else should work towards addressing the needs of the user
> populations being discussed in this thread. And in the end, hopefully
> we'll have compelling, distinct solutions for each group.

cdh: I agree entirely. THe idea I had was to start an entirely new project but use parts of Orca where such would be convenient. This would be a radical departure from anything I've seen for LD and would do a whole bunch of visual effects like K3000 or WYNN.

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