Re: Frist Impressions of GNOME 3's Zoom Feature

Hi Robert,

I decided that I should try out the Zoom feature as well to see if the lag which I mentioned in previous e-mails existed there as well. I am glad to say that it did not exist.

You beat me :-).

I had tested something similar to your original scenario, and confirmed the lag. My test case was Fedora-16 running on Virtual Box with accelerated 3d. Switching to "Activies/Applications" did result in a lag, as you reported. But, I also noticed a lag when looking at the windows when in activity mode.

However, when I look at a real (non-virtual) Fedora, I see no lag. So, perhaps the lag is limited to virtual machine environments.

Still, in both test scenarios, there is odd clipping of the applications icons display. I don't know yet if this is a real issue since it may accurately reflect the layering of the display of the application icons. I'll keep checking.

Thanks for your input.


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