Re: Frist Impressions of GNOME 3's Zoom Feature

On 12 December 2011 19:52, Robert Cole <rkcole72984 gmail com> wrote:
> Today I finally had some time to test out a live USB Linux Mint 12 system. I
> am sure that this is probably not a native setting in GNOME 3 by default,
> but an extension called noa11y was enabled by default. Once I turned this
> off I set the keyboard shortcuts for the magnifier and gave it a run. I
> found it to be very smooth in a live environment. With or without it, GNOME
> 3 was very quick and responsive, except for one area thus far while the
> magnifier is running.
> When I open up the Activities Overview (I am trying to get the proper terms
> for different elements down :) ) and click on the Applications tab, the
> magnifier gets very jumpy. It does not stop functioning,but it has a big lag
> when panning, and I am somewhat certain that this is probably due to the big
> number of application icons which are presented. When I select a category,
> such as Internet, the magnifier pans smoothly again. I am not saying this to
> complain as I am very happy with how well things just worked, and I am sure
> that this si something which will factor itself out in time.

Did the lag happen every time you opened the Activities Overview or
just the first time? Even in GNOME 2, the first time the menu is
displayed seems to take a few seconds in many cases.

Also, it might be worth trying after you've disabled all the GNOME
Shell extensions (and reloaded GNOME Shell) to make sure it's actually
a GNOME Shell problem.


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