Re: Frist Impressions of GNOME 3's Zoom Feature

Hello again, Joseph, everyone!

I just tested Fedora 16 on a live USB system as a possible candidate for replacing Linux Mint. I am so amazed with how responsive and fast GNOME Shell is!

I tested the magnifier on this system, and it still lags on the Applications tab of the Activities overview. I am hoping to settle down and install an updated distro soon, but I am thinking that this lag is due to two possible causes:

1) Due to the fact that I was running the magnifier under a live session
2) [Probably more likely] Due to the fact that my desktop system has an integrated nVidia graphics card, and because the live session (to my knowledge) is not running the proprietary nVidia driver.

My reason for thinking that scenario number two is likely the cause is because, although I am sure they are completely different one from the other, I used to install Ubuntu systems using gnome-mag under GNOME 2.x, and the open source nVidia driver would cause a lot of problems. When I would install the proprietary driver after the installation was complete everything would work wonderfully.

Once I settle down with a GNOME 3-based distro I will be able to do some more testing.

I hope that all is well.

Thanks for all of the responses on this thread.

Take care.

On 12/19/2011 09:16 AM, Joseph Scheuhammer wrote:
Hi Robert,

I decided that I should try out the Zoom feature as well to see if the lag which I mentioned in previous e-mails existed there as well. I am glad to say that it did not exist.

You beat me :-).

I had tested something similar to your original scenario, and confirmed the lag. My test case was Fedora-16 running on Virtual Box with accelerated 3d. Switching to "Activies/Applications" did result in a lag, as you reported. But, I also noticed a lag when looking at the windows when in activity mode.

However, when I look at a real (non-virtual) Fedora, I see no lag. So, perhaps the lag is limited to virtual machine environments.

Still, in both test scenarios, there is odd clipping of the applications icons display. I don't know yet if this is a real issue since it may accurately reflect the layering of the display of the application icons. I'll keep checking.

Thanks for your input.

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