Frist Impressions of GNOME 3's Zoom Feature

Hello, everyone.

I wrote before with some questions about screen magnification in GNOME 3. Since then I tested GNOME 3 on a Linux Mint 12 virtual machine using VirtualBox with good results.

Today I finally had some time to test out a live USB Linux Mint 12 system. I am sure that this is probably not a native setting in GNOME 3 by default, but an extension called noa11y was enabled by default. Once I turned this off I set the keyboard shortcuts for the magnifier and gave it a run. I found it to be very smooth in a live environment. With or without it, GNOME 3 was very quick and responsive, except for one area thus far while the magnifier is running.

When I open up the Activities Overview (I am trying to get the proper terms for different elements down :) ) and click on the Applications tab, the magnifier gets very jumpy. It does not stop functioning,but it has a big lag when panning, and I am somewhat certain that this is probably due to the big number of application icons which are presented. When I select a category, such as Internet, the magnifier pans smoothly again. I am not saying this to complain as I am very happy with how well things just worked, and I am sure that this si something which will factor itself out in time.

I have been reluctant to install Linux Mint 12 on my system because I have little experience with GNOME 3, and (as you have probably seen in previous messages I have written) because I was used to the Compiz eZoom plugin which does not work with GNOME 3. due to the great experience I had today with the live USB system, I have decided to upgrade and work with GNOME 3 on a full installation which I am very excited about.

To everyone who is working on this project, thanks for all the work which you have put into it. I am also very excited about beginning to work with Orca a bit more in-depth.

Thanks again for everything!

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