Ang: Release of GEM (GEstures with Mouse)

Hi Leena,
Thanks for this interesting additional contribution to the long list of previous ones from CDAC, Mumbai, and thanks for the inspiring presentations at the recent AEGIS conference in Brussels !!
Couldn't it be of mutual value to make your work part of and visible in the Raising the Floor initiative (
I will be particularly keen to look more at your contributions for users with cognitive difficulties. Great that this is addressed together with the tools for users with visual and physical impairments!
When looking through all exciting stuff at I also find this one that is new to me:
Anumaan: It is an open source predictive text entry system to aid people with motor disabilities. More details about Anumaan can be accessed at – .  
Eitan, will this not be a very strong candidate for cross-fertilisation and perhaps integration with the Caribou project?
Best wishes,
Mats Lundälv   
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C-DAC, Mumbai is announcing the release of beta-0.1 version of GEM (GEstures with Mouse). It is an input mechanism (for GNOME desktop) which uses gestures as input to the system. Gestures can be drawn using a mouse or some equivalent device like touch pad, joystick, pen tablet etc.

More details about GEM can be accessed at

GEM related URLs:

1. Accessibility Project Main page at CDAC, Mumbai website can be accessed at

2. GEM can be download at

3. User documentation for GEM can be accessed at

NB: The Application is still evolving, hence please do give us your feedbacks, bug reports or feature enhancement requests.

Please mail us at mailto:ossd cdac in

Thanks & regards,

Leena Chourey,
Technical Officer
Open Source Software Division,
CDAC, Mumbai (
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