Re: Wayland plans for gnome-shell?

From: Halim Sahin <halim sahin freenet de>

> Hi,
> At least nvidia seems not to have any plans to move to wayland.
> BTW.: is wayland already usable for anything?
> Or are we talking about wayland because of ubuntu's decision to move to
> it?

Take into account that this thread diverged from the original purpose,
so it would worth to read it completely.

A summary:

 * The original mail was just a Unity update [1] and I made some
   additional questions [2].

 * Alan Coopersmith asked if the eventual switch of Unity to Wayland
   could affect [3].

 * Michael Meeks pointed that this will not be a short-term move. [4]

 * Alan Coopersmith agreed, but he mentioned that on his gnome 2.0
   experience, it would be good to start to planify this kind of
   things with time [5]

 * As he was talking about GNOME 2.0, I mentioned that for GNOME 3.0,
   GNOME Shell is implementing the magnification [6] so Alan
   Coopersmith asked about Wayland plans for GNOME Shell [7]

 * I CCed the mail to GNOME Shell list [8] and Owen Taylor answered
   saying that this could happens (eventually) as this is the trend on
   the X world, described some issued, and pointed that this is not a
   short or medium-term issue [9]

So, although this debate started because Unity team announced that, in
general we were talking about it because Wayland is the current trend.

About if it is really usable: no idea. But I will repeat myself: this
move is not a short or medium term move. But, as Alan Coopersmith
said, it is good to take this kind of things on mind.



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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