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On 07/07/10 7:54 PM, Jason White wrote:
Also, I don't understand what problem you're trying to solve. Magnification
relies on Orca now to provide focus details; what practical problem does this
introduce, and might there be other ways of solving it that don't involve
separating out code and functionality in the proposed way?
The key phrase here is "Magnification relies on Orca now to provide focus details". A longer term goal is to break that dependency. Already, GS-mag does not require Orca; GS-mag can run "stand-alone". One can do relatively simple changes to preferences such as magnification factor, cross hairs, mouse tracking modes, and viewport position, all without Orca. But, it can't do anything as complicated as focus tracking. At this point in its development, it's fine to rely on Orca for that, since there is more important intrinsic magnification functionality to implement (e.g., colour inversion). But, requiring Orca for focus tracking strikes me as a relatively heavy-weight solution in the long term -- as a user, if all I want is to magnify the UI, but don't care about speech, nor braille, nor other screen reader functions, why should I have to launch Orca for decent keyboard access?

Also, although this thread is about focus tracking and magnification, focus tracking can be thought of as a more general issue. It is a perennial a11y/AT problem: where is keyboard focus now? where was it? where is going to be? If there could be a general solution, that everyone could tap into, that would be a Good Thing(tm). But, perhaps that's pie in the sky.

>  Can you explain thisdifficulty?
It's deeply integrated into the Orca scripts specific to applications. While
it could be abstracted, I assume this would involve writing separate extension
modules per application

Are those specific to applications in general? Or specific to specific applications -- a script for FireFox, another for OpenOffice, and so on? If the latter, then I agree that it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to create a separate *general* focus tracking module.


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