Re: Linux desktop accessibility demo - which programs should I install

I downloaded both ESpeak and Speech dispatcher as Ubuntu packages and i
also downloaded the Speakup support in Speech dispatcher, the one called

On Mon, 2006-10-16 at 17:54 -0400, Lorenzo Taylor wrote:
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> Rather than a commercial speech solution, I would recommend eSpeak at 
> It works with speech-dispatcher and is Free and Open Source.  It also
> sounds a lot better than Festival and is in most cases better than
> either DECTalk or IBMTTS, especially the female voice.
> Unfortunately, Orca in Ubuntu doesn't currently support
> speech-dispatcher except through gnome-speech, and the speech-dispatcher
> driver for gnome-speech may or may not be available in Ubuntu.  Someone
> clarify this for me.  I'm not sure either if eSpeak is available in
> Edgy, although I did read something to indicate that it is.
> HTH,
> Lorenzo
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