Re: Linux desktop accessibility demo - which programs should I install

Good morning! :-)

* Henrik Nilsen Omma <henrik ubuntu com> wrote:
> > What should I install to be able to show that?  Gnome, KDE, it does not 
> > matter as long as it works and is stable enough to show it working.
> I am not objective WRT to this question, but I will nonetheless point 
> out that if you download the latest Ubuntu Live CD from here: 
> (called 'desktop') you 
> will be able to try it with Orca and Festival pre-installed (English 
> only).

Excuse me, but I already downloaded this ISO, burned and tested it and as I
wrote to Henrik in a PM it freezes sometimes. Actually it freezes frequently
and I cannot say why. If I switch to Orcas learning mode I can't return from
it for instance and in some cases the whole desktop freezes. Neither does the
system react on keyboard interaction nor on mouse interaction.

Furthermore Edgy doesn't always come up with speech support even when the
suggested settings at the boot prompt are made. It worked for the first time
and I was just amazed about the system, but unfortunately things went wrong
from this point on.

Check it before attempting to present it to maybe interested people, for it
would be tragic if these people get the impression it just doesn't work.


P.S.: Sorry Henrik you probably got this message twice... my fault!

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