Re: Accessibilty module for colorblind people

Em Ter, 2006-10-10 às 15:27 +0100, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
> Ter, 2006-10-10 às 11:09 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes
> escreveu:
> > I think that implement it throw composite management is the easiest way,
> > because the idea in this case is present the screen like you want to the
> > user.
> Agreed.
> > If don't need the cool effects that can be achieved throw the use
> > of composite you could implement it only using Xlib calls, so you
> > application get's a lot of free throw differente environments, but I
> > think that you can get in troubles here, since I think that two
> > composite managers can't run together.
> That's the point of doing it in metacity, which in some point will be a
> composite manager itself (it seems to already be in the unstable
> version, but it's disabled by default).

gnome-mag also does composition to achieve full screen magnification in
an easiest way, but it does not implement cool effects like woobly,
transparency and the like, since visually impaired people don't need and
have troubles with these kind of effects.

The point here is that we have some paths to go:

	* If color filters be implemented in metacity we must also implement
gnome-mag in metacity, since will not be possible to have two
compoisition managers running (I don't like this idea, since a magnifier
is one thing and window manager other and gnome-mag will not work
anymore in other environments. Since Qt is being modified to use AT-SPI,
Orca will be able to work with Qt and GTK+ applications and continue to
use gnome-mag with any modification in the KDE window manager);

	* If it be implemented in Xorg server this can be a portability problem
if we need to port gnome-mag to other graphical servers;

	* If it be implemented as a library, or coded inside gnome-mag, any of
the problems presented above appear, since GTK+ and GDK are portable
throw different graphical servers and I think that these widgets treat
the portability problem in the right level for graphical programs.

> Daniel

Best regards,


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