Re: Accessibilty module for colorblind people


Seg, 2006-10-09 �20:56 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Di�es
> I'm working in add contrast and brightness control over each color
> component in gnome-mag. After your e-mail I get in doubt about if this
> is a good thing to be able to change. It will be very welcome if you
> have any comment about it.

I, actually didn't know gnome-mag. I knew gnopernicus but not gnome-mag.

> I think that these filters could be implemented easily in gnome-mag.
> Probably Bill and Willie can give more advices about it.

The question is that colorblindness filters aren't exactly related to
screen magnifier. I'm colorblind, but I don't need a screen magnifier.

> To the others that answeared your question about xorg question in you
> first e-mail, why it's better to work on Xorg server than GTK+?

In fact, I was thinking in implenting this in metacity's composite
management, not as a Xorg extension.

> GTK+ is not portable enough for this? GTK+ is a very big library for everyone
> use? There are graphical users/developers that does not use GTK+?

Hm... many people does use other things, but that is not my point. The
question is that I use gnome, so if it's easier to do it in gnome, no


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