Re: Accessibilty module for colorblind people

Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes, le Tue 10 Oct 2006 11:33:18 -0300, a écrit :
> > Some people would want to use both magnification and a filter. Separate 
> > implementations may still be the best option for technical reasons or to 
> > have simpler configuration of each. But in that case they should at 
> > least work well together.
> Maybe we could invest in a library, the one started by Daniel, that
> implement the filters

Yes.  In a simple form, that can be a mere enumeration of colorblind
types and a filtering function as simple as:

colorblind_filter(int type, float *r, float *g, float *b);

For achieving good performance, however, there should probably be
functions that work on pixmaps, GL textures, etc.


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