Re: Accessibilty module for colorblind people

Em Ter, 2006-10-10 às 11:42 +0100, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
> Hi. 
> Seg, 2006-10-09 às 20:56 -0300, Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Diógenes
> escreveu:
> > I'm working in add contrast and brightness control over each color
> > component in gnome-mag. After your e-mail I get in doubt about if this
> > is a good thing to be able to change. It will be very welcome if you
> > have any comment about it.
> I, actually didn't know gnome-mag. I knew gnopernicus but not gnome-mag.

gnome-mag is a magnification API used by gnopernicus. The last only add
logic to the magnifier be more suitable for the user.

> > I think that these filters could be implemented easily in gnome-mag.
> > Probably Bill and Willie can give more advices about it.
> The question is that colorblindness filters aren't exactly related to
> screen magnifier. I'm colorblind, but I don't need a screen magnifier.

I also thinked that this could be a true and the magnifier focus can be
going away if we implement these filters.

> > To the others that answeared your question about xorg question in you
> > first e-mail, why it's better to work on Xorg server than GTK+?
> In fact, I was thinking in implenting this in metacity's composite
> management, not as a Xorg extension.

I think that implement it throw composite management is the easiest way,
because the idea in this case is present the screen like you want to the
user. If don't need the cool effects that can be achieved throw the use
of composite you could implement it only using Xlib calls, so you
application get's a lot of free throw differente environments, but I
think that you can get in troubles here, since I think that two
composite managers can't run together.

> > GTK+ is not portable enough for this? GTK+ is a very big library for everyone
> > use? There are graphical users/developers that does not use GTK+?
> Hm... many people does use other things, but that is not my point. The
> question is that I use gnome, so if it's easier to do it in gnome, no
> problem.
> daniel 


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