Re: Hands Free Mouse Issues

Peter Korn wrote:
I agree with Peter that those are the devices that are known to work, but it would be very nice to get the SmartNav or similar working since it's so affordable. Perhaps I should get one and challenge the Ubuntu community to write a driver ...

Or perhaps a Google Summer of Code accessibility project?

Good idea. In fact there are quite a few little projects that could be done in this way. And we could also do with some new coders in the fields, some new ideas and a few small experiments IMO.

This year Ubuntu had two Google SoC projects, but next year I'd like to see a separate accessibility FOSS org apply so we can get 6-8 projects going. We could ask gnome, mozilla, OOo etc. to set aside two places each and coordinaate those or we could do it with an organisation like OATSoft (or a hybrid of those).


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