Live CD of Ubuntu 6.10, Orca and Brltty


Please could give me someone a description how to get Orca work with
BRLTTY on the Desktop CD of Ubuntu 6.10.

I like to use it as a live CD and not to install it.

I have got an Alva Sattelite 570 Pro Braille Display

Before I write a bug report to anyone I like to know whether I set
the system the right way up in order to use BRLTTY with Orca.

I du the folowing to set the system up:

1 start from CD and wait for the Screen with the boot options comm
2. Press F5 - 3 to select the boot option 'Screen Reader'
3 wait until the system has bootet complity
4 open the terminal
5 start brltty by typing sudo brltty
6 start orca bay typimg orca
7 anser the questions of the Setup of Orca
8 log out and in again bei using the keycombination Alt+CTRL+Backspace
and waiting for gmome to come back.

To me it looks like as is BRLTTY able to initialise the Braille Display
however BRLTTY seems to be unable to talk to Orca or the other
way round.

I always get the mesage on the Braille Display 'screen not in text
mode'. When I shut the system down I get the message 'BRLTTY
terminated' noting more.

Please could someone from the Orca team or from the Ubuntu team conform my actions as correct
or as wrong.



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