Re: Hands Free Mouse Issues

Peter Korn wrote:
Hi Anna,

There are two head-mice that present themselves as USB mice: the Madentec Tracker (see and Origin Systems HeadMouse (see Both cost roughly $1,000.

There are lots of other devices for Windows that are less expensive, but to my knowledge all of them require software/drivers on the PC to work. In addition, these more inexpensive devices tend to not work as well in challenging lighting conditions, are less forgiving of unintentional head movement, and are generally not as smooth.

It would be great to have these inexpensive options supported on UNIX (anyone wanna writer a driver?), but that isn't today.

I agree with Peter that those are the devices that are known to work, but it would be very nice to get the SmartNav or similar working since it's so affordable. Perhaps I should get one and challenge the Ubuntu community to write a driver ...


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