RE: Live CD of Ubuntu 6.10, Orca and Brltty

Hi Petra.  

I just followed your instructions with an Alva Braille Terminal running as a
USB device via serial to USB adapter.  Your step 4 is "open the terminal".
I wasn't sure if you meant got into the virtual console with Control Alt F1
or launched gnome-terminal, so I tried both ways.  The former works; the
latter produces the results you describe.  This is with the current (as of
this afternoon) Live CD.

Hope this helps!

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> Hello,
> Please could give me someone a description how to get Orca work with
> BRLTTY on the Desktop CD of Ubuntu 6.10.
> I like to use it as a live CD and not to install it.
> I have got an Alva Sattelite 570 Pro Braille Display
> Before I write a bug report to anyone I like to know whether I set the
> system the right way up in order to use BRLTTY with Orca.
> I du the folowing to set the system up:
> 1 start from CD and wait for the Screen with the boot options comm up
> 2. Press F5 - 3 to select the boot option 'Screen Reader'
> 3 wait until the system has bootet complity
> 4 open the terminal
> 5 start brltty by typing sudo brltty
> 6 start orca bay typimg orca
> 7 anser the questions of the Setup of Orca
> 8 log out and in again bei using the keycombination Alt+CTRL+Backspace
> and waiting for gmome to come back.
> To me it looks like as is BRLTTY able to initialise the Braille Display
> however BRLTTY seems to be unable to talk to Orca or the other way
> round.
> I always get the mesage on the Braille Display 'screen not in text
> mode'. When I shut the system down I get the message 'BRLTTY
> terminated' noting more.
> Please could someone from the Orca team or from the Ubuntu team conform
> my actions as correct or as wrong.
> Thenk
> Petra
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