Re: Orca on laptops.

> > If the majority
> > of users are adamant about obtaining normal Caps Lock behavior via some
> > other gesture on the same key (e.g., a quick double press of Caps Lock),
> > well, we'll need to think about it.  If users say that kind of thing is
> > a "nice to have", however, I'd prefer we note it as a future enhancement
> > and not over engineer at this point.  
> > 
> Regret to say it's important. What gesture might be acceptable is
> certainly worth discussion. I would not hazzard a strong statement
> myself. I'm of the opinion people would accept something possibly
> simpler such as Shift+CapsLock, or Ctrl+CapsLock. I'm guessing that's
> simpler than a double CapsLock tap, but I certainly don't really know
> that.

Thanks everyone!  The patch is in GNOME CVS HEAD and I opened an RFE to
allow people to lock/unlock the "Lock" modifier when Orca is using the
Caps_Lock key as its modifer:

In the interest of not getting several copies of each e-mail regarding
this subject, lets please move the discussion of how to enable
lock/unlock to the RFE (you can add your comments to the RFE).  If using proves to be too cumbersome for some users, then lets
please restrict the discussion of this to orca-list gnome org 

BTW, I've tried to put the ubuntu-accessibility and
gnome-accessibility-list addresses on the BCC line of this message as a
means to get the message out, but prevent "Reply All" from going to a
gazillion places.  Hopefully the mail servers for those lists will
accept this.



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