Re: Orca on laptops.

Luke Yelavich wrote:
Well I don't think that will be an option, as some laptops don't have a right Alt, as far as I am aware, or I could be getting that mixed up with the right control key.
I think you might have that confused, yes. Any non-English laptop would need AltGr for the reasons Samuel mentioned.

I think it might be worth looking at a few examples key layouts for AltGr in different european languages, to see how significant the potential conflict Samuel mentions actually is. We do have the reality, currently, that orca only really works in languages for which we have text-to-speech voices and/or braille tables (and I think we have more of the latter than the former, at the moment).

(I think GOK can be used as a quick check for this, BTW; if you change your keyboard layout, bring up the 'Compose' keyboard, and press AltGr, GOK should display the relevant characters.)


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