Re: Orca on laptops.

Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
So what modifier key would you like to use for Orca?
Couldn't this be just configurable?

I agree that this would make the most sense.  As Luke pointed out, there
are so many different layouts (not to mention so many different users).
Is there a reason we need to select THE Orca modifier key?
I agree that configurability makes sense. However, I think choosing a reasonable laptop default is also important, because there are so many potential conflicts; it's quite likely that only one or two choices are really usable for people. For instance, you don't want to lose the use of menu shortcuts, access keys, or keyboard navigation while using orca - all of which could come in to conflict with one's chosen modifier key.

There are really only 8 possible modifiers in XWindows I think - corresponding to the first 8 bits in the modifier mask. That includes ShiftLock and Shift.

I guess one possible way to get out of the "conflict situation" would be to exclude ShiftLock from the orca modifier mask; that is, ignore any orca commands that are executed with ShiftLock on. This would give a quick and relatively easy way to access any key combinations/shortcuts that were in conflict with orca commands. For instance, if orca used 'Control', one could still access cut and paste via "Control-X" and "Control-V" by pressing ShiftLock first.

On my system, the "Windows" key seems to map to one of the Xserver modifier masks, whereas the "Menu" key seems to be some sort of function key. I am sure that this varies from laptop to laptop quite widely. If you choose to rule out the Windows meta key, then on many laptops you only will have Control, Alt, and AltGr, practically speaking. Alt seems like a troublesome choice since the majority of keyboard shortcuts in Gnome use Alt.

AltGr is one that often gets forgotten; what about that? It does appear to be a modifier key on all the systems I am aware of.



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