Re: Orca on laptops.

Hi Bill.

> I guess one possible way to get out of the "conflict situation" would be 
> to exclude ShiftLock from the orca modifier mask;  

But.... Might not ShiftLock be an ideal modifier key for some?  

I also think it would be preferable to have it as a modifier rather than
as the key that makes all of the keyboard shortcuts I normally use on my
desktop work on my laptop. :-)

> AltGr is one that often gets forgotten; what about that?  It does appear 
> to be a modifier key on all the systems I am aware of.

This idea I like.  On my laptops, AltGr doesn't seem to be doing
anything useful (like allowing me to get into menus).  And every laptop
I've seen has had this key.

Take care.

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