Re: Fire Vox [ was Re: Orca and Firefox ]

On Fri, Nov 03, 2006 at 01:23:06PM EST, Kenny Hitt wrote:
> Most of my problems were caused by Orca'f default Firefox script getting
> in the way.  I copied the script to my
> ~/.orca/orca-scripts directory and renamed it to
> This fixed most of my problems and Firefox 2.0 is now much more usable.
> I will still have some problems with the auto read command (control
> shift a), but other commands work fine.

Kenny, can this new script co-exist alongside Orca's original firefox 

If so, I may see about getting it, as well as the firevox extension 
packaged for feisty, and may make edgy packages for it available as 
Luke Yelavich
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