Re: Using espeak

> I've started trying to make this work--that is, using gnome-speech- 
> >speech-dispatcher->espeak. This is with the latest espeak from  
> ubuntu edgie and gnome-speech/orca from CVS (which, interestingly  
> enough, both worked right out of the box this time. 

Hello Nolan,

I highly doubt that the chain including gnome-speech could work better
than interfacing Orca to Speech Dispatcher directly, using Tomas' patch:

> In any case, the latest speech-dispatcher-espeak configuration seems  
> to be out-of-date with regards to the volume range in espeak, so  
> anyone using this method will need to modify the volume multiplier  
> such that espeak doesn't start nearly silent. 

eSpeak has been under heavy developement in the last months and it is
growing to be a very powerful synthesizer with a lot of features. I can
for instance say that to my knowledge, support for nearly all the
features defined in the TTS API discussion has been included recently.
This might be the cause of your troubles with the volume range, please
apologize, but it definitely is worth it.

> Anyhow, once I find volume configuration values that work, I'll see  
> about sending along an updated config to the speech-dispatcher folks.  

Please do.

Thank you,
Hynek Hanke

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