Re: Using espeak

On Nov 1, 2006, at 7:30 AM, Willie Walker wrote:

Do you have a pointer to the thread?  I'd like to take a look.

Sure. The relevant bit starts at accessibility-list/2006-October/msg00097.html.

I've started trying to make this work--that is, using gnome-speech- >speech-dispatcher->espeak. This is with the latest espeak from ubuntu edgie and gnome-speech/orca from CVS (which, interestingly enough, both worked right out of the box this time. Not sure what happened when I tried a few months ago and gave up because test- speech wasn't seeing the speech-dispatcher drivers and eventually orca started tracebacking, but such is technology I suppose. :)

In any case, the latest speech-dispatcher-espeak configuration seems to be out-of-date with regards to the volume range in espeak, so anyone using this method will need to modify the volume multiplier such that espeak doesn't start nearly silent. It also seems that stopping speech happens shortly after new speech starts, because arrowing through menus quickly causes speech overlap. It catches up rather quickly so isn't too difficult to deal with, but a bit off- putting nonetheless.

Anyhow, once I find volume configuration values that work, I'll see about sending along an updated config to the speech-dispatcher folks. With the exception of the previously-described issue, though, it seems to work rather nicely otherwise.

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