Re: Gnopernicus build problem.

Hi Dave,

Today at 1:18, Dave Mielke wrote:

> Thanks. The problem is that $prefix/share/aclocal mustn't be in aclocal's m4
> directory search path, in spite of the fact that I'm passing --prefix= to
> gnopernicus's I didn't find where ACLOCAL_FLAGS is defined, but the
> configure worked when I did:
>    aclocal -I $prefix/share/aclocal
>    autoconf
>    ./configure --prefix=$prefix
> This, to me, looks like it may be a deficiency of

Not really, GARNOME/JHBuild/whatever should set your build environment
so that it includes appropriate flags when you're building in your
own prefix (instead of the system default).

If it doesn't, it's the problem of the build tool; if you're doing it
by hand, you have to specify them by hand.

It's the common problem of keeping multiple slightly incompatible
versions of the software on the same system: you have to hand-feed
them from time to time.


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