Evolution and Gnopernicus

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Hi  gnome-accessibility-list,

  I'm currently trying out the Evolution email and calendar and lots
  more-program version 2.x. It looks really promising, however, the
  things that i'm now going to relate make me confused, because i
  don't know if it's a gnome issue or one with Gnopernicus or
  Evolution so i don't know where to complain, really.
  When i'm in the message list of Evolution, i can't read the mails so
  i don't know if it's ok to delete them or if i should open them. The
  thing i hear is "tree table". Sometimes when i'm in the message
  list, i can open the mails just fine and sometimes not even though
  the folder list says i am on for example the inbox and it contains 2
  messages. When in mail reading or composing window, i can read mail
  just fine, but highlighting the mails text makes Gnopernicus say
  nothing, that is if i move down lines with Shift+arrow up or down,
  nothing gets spoken. The menus work fine, however.
  Does Gnome have themes like Windblows? Is that something you'll have
  to turn off in order to get things more accessible in Gnome? Does
  Gnopernicus have difficulties reading highlighted text in certain
  programs? I noticed the same behaviour with highlighted text in
  Openoffice.org a while back. If these aren't gnome/gnopernicus
  issues, does Evolution have some strange highlightings or such that
  the screen reader isn't used to?

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