Re: [g-a-devel] registering/deregistering event listeners

Hello Li,

I am working on fixing a race condition that I discovered
just after reporting the problem below.  When I get the
race condition resolved, I'll see if I can reproduce the
problem reported below.


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Quiring, Sam wrote:
> Greetings,
> In my app that interfaces to at-spi I have a function that requires 
> that I listen for a bunch of different event types.  During normal 
> operation of the app I do not need to listen for these events.  The 
> implementation of this function looks like this:
>     1. register the event handlers
>     2. wait for the user to do his thing
>     3. deregister the event handlers
> After a few executions of this function (3..6), it dies during step 1:

> registering the event handlers.
Can you show me the traces of at-spi-registryd and your application?


> In fact the entire GNOME desktop locks up and I'm forced to power 
> cycle the machine to get control back.  (Is there an easier/cleaner 
> way to restart GNOME?).
> During app initialization I create the event listeners using
> SPI_createAccessibleEventListener() and 
> SPI_createAccessibleDeviceListener().  My app assumes that once these 
> listeners are created it can register and deregister them as event 
> listeners as many times as it wants.  Is that correct?
> The code implements deregistering the non-device event listeners using
> SPI_derefisterGlobalEventListenerAll() -- I don't know if that
> Any help would be appreciated.
> -Sam
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