Re: [g-a-devel] AccessibleDeviceEventMask and SPI_registerDeviceEventListener()

Hi Jeff an everyone:

The AT-SPI/D-Bus work is being tracked at, and it includes a plan to migrate CSPI to D-Bus.

IMO, doing this work in Python is a lot easier than doing it in C, so that's why we're seeing more and more projects on the assistive technology and testing side moving from the C bindings to the Python bindings.

Hope this helps,


On 12/15/08 06:25, Jeff Cai wrote:
Hi, Nagappan

Will CSPI support D-BUS later after we migrate from CORBA to D-BUS? Or CSPI will be EOLed?

If an AT program is written in C, how could it use the interface provided by pyatspi?


Nagappan A wrote:
Hi Sam,

2008/12/12 Quiring, Sam <Sam Quiring windriver com <mailto:Sam Quiring windriver com>>

         I have this call in my app:
    My read of the documentation,,
    is that my listener should receive all button_press and
    button_release events.  Most runs of my application never receive
    any button_release events.  Sometimes the app receives 1
    button_release.  I have no log at this time that shows more than 1
On the other hand, I believe I am receiving the correct amount of
    button_pressed events.

The events generated in CSPI is not reliable as compared to the pyatspi. If possible, I recommend to use pyatspi. Also another advantage will be, when we move to DBus from CORBA, as of now we don't have CSPI for DBus based implementation.


         Are there any known bugs in this area?
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