Re: [g-a-devel] AccessibleDeviceEventMask and SPI_registerDeviceEventListener()

Quiring, Sam wrote:
I have this call in my app: #define BUTTON_EVENTS (SPI_BUTTON_PRESSED | SPI_BUTTON_RELEASED) SPI_registerDeviceEventListener(mouse_device_listener, BUTTON_EVENTS, 0); My read of the documentation,, is that my listener should receive all button_press and button_release events. Most runs of my application never receive any button_release events. Sometimes the app receives 1 button_release. I have no log at this time that shows more than 1 button_release. On the other hand, I believe I am receiving the correct amount of button_pressed events. Are there any known bugs in this area?
Have you run the test program under at-spi/test/event-listener-test.c? Does the test work well?
-Sam ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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