Re: whoops

Gregory Leblanc <gleblanc cu-portland edu> writes:

> I think that gmc should be in the core gnome 1.4 release, not the
> extra-apps release.  You've already heard this argument from Alan, but I
> figured I'd have a try at making this happen.  Nautilus is resulting in
> a huge number of changes for gnome in general.  Nautilus should be
> something that's added to the gnome 1 platform, not something where we
> pull one thing and replace it with another. 

Hi Greg,

We discussed the point you raised in the most recent GNOME 1.4 release
engineering meeting; it had also been discussed a long time ago in the
Steering Committee conference call (back when that existed). We
realized in both cases that on the one hand, Nautilus is a big change
so we have to still keep gmc around. On the other hand, gmc is lame in
many ways, and no one is maintianing it (there has not been a bug fix
in months), and we don't want new users to be confused about the
multiplicity of file managers, so we don't want to keep it *too*
around. The compromise everyone agreed on was to continue to ship gmc
for 1.4, but include it in extra apps.

We're going to do a similar thing with gnome-pim once evolution is
added to the release.

I think this is a reasonable approach to deprecating obsolete pieces
of the user environment.

Ultimately, the choice of how and when to transition users is up to
the distributions, though. We hope they will all help make the
transition a smooth one.


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