The attachment got stripped from the last email.  Here it is.

name:    Jamin Philip Gray
email:   jgray writeme com
icq:     1361499
jabber:  jamin jabber com
web:     http://DoLinux.org/jamin/

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Package Name        Current    Stabilizing   Critical?  Suitable  Planning    Contact
                    Version    Unstable?                Version   New
                                                        Exists?   Release?

Gnumeric           0.61                                                       Jody Goldberg <jgoldberg home com>
Dia                0.86                                                       James Henstridge <james daa com au>
Guppi              0.35.1                                                     Jon Trowbridge <trow gnu org>
AbiWord            0.7.12                                                     ???
GnuCash            1.4.9                                                      devel gnumatic com
Sodipodi           0.20                                                       Lauris Kaplinski <lauris kaplinski com>
gnome-db           0.1.0                                                      Rodrigo Moya <rmoya chez com>
toutdoux           1.2.4                                                      Philippe Roy <ph_roy toutdoux org>

Anjuta IDE         0.1.2                                                      Kh. Naba Kumar Singh <kh_naba yahoo com> 
MemProf            0.4.0                                                      Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com>

The GIMP           1.2.0                                                      Manish Singh <yosh gimp org>
gpaint             0.2                                                        Andy Tai <atai atai org> 

gabber             0.8.1                                                      Julian Missig <julian linuxpower org>
galeon             0.9pre2                                                    Marco Pesenti Gritti <mpeseng tin it>
gtm                0.4.5                                                      Bruno Pires Marinho <bapm netcabo point>
Pan                0.9.2                                                      pan superpimp org
Balsa              1.0.0                                                      Jay Painter <jpaint balsa net>
Firestarter        0.5.1                                                      Tomas Junnonen <majix sci fi>

gnomoku            0.3                                                        NAGY András <nagya inf elte hu> 
bombermaze         0.6.4                                                      Sydney Andrew Tang <stang users sourceforge net>
  Applet           0.9beta1                                                   Robin Hogan <R J Hogan reading ac uk>
Atomix             0.4.1                                                      Jens Finke <jens eknif de> 

gedit              0.9.4                                                      Chema Celorio <chema celorio com>
Glimmer            1.0                                                        chicane reninet com

gfax               0.4.2                                                      George Farris <george gmsys com>
  Manager          0.53beta                                                   John Conneely <jconneely figaro org>

radioactive        1.0                                                        Gergő Érdi <cactus cactus rulez org>

  CPU Fire 
  Applet           0.1.0                                                      Merlin Hughes <merlin merlin org>
googlizer          ?                                                          Alan Cox <Alan Cox linux org>

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